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The Cheril Vendetti Show


The Cheril Vendetti Show is a fast-paced explosion of irreverent entertainment that will leave you either heading for the door or to the nearest bail bondsman!


Direct from television’s HBO, OWN, SPIKE, A&E networks and the world famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, comes the outrageous Cheril Vendetti!   The Boston-Italian comedienne, TV personality and comical cookbook author, and her band, The Pasta Fazools, generate more laughs than the Gambino’s could put a hit on.  So grab your funny bone, leave your political correctness at the door, and join the fun!

The Comic that Cooks


What is it? It is a unique fun, filled night of light cooking and comedy. Hosted by the outrageous Cheril Vendetti, aka “The Comic that Cooks.” Cheril will cook one recipe from her comical Italian cookbook “Mistress of the Mob Cuisine.” She will roast, toast or simply entertain your guests.


Cheril grew up outside of Boston in a crazy loud Italian  family.  She spent 90% of her time hanging out at her mother's kitchen table; an experience she hopes to create with you…  

                                                                    The guests will have the opportunity to taste one delicious Italian recipe directly from Cheril's cookbook.


How long will she be there? Cheril will be there for 1 1/2 hours cooking and entertaining.  She will have her autographed cookbooks on hand at a party discounted rate. The host may purchase as party favors in advance to be delivered to guest during the party.


What if I'm a Foodie and think this is serious cooking? Then you need to have a cocktail, let your hair down  and get a grip for cripe sake, as Cheril's mother would say. Life is about having fun, and eating of course.

Hosting and Acting


Cheril is a current member of SAG/AFTRA and AEA.  She is well diverse in TV/film acting, TV/Event hosting, theatre stage and nightclubs.



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